In conjunction with our therapeutic efforts, we are also developing novel companion diagnostics that leverage miRNA biomarkers sourced from partner human clinical trials. These AI-driven precision diagnostics hold the potential to detect complex diseases at their earliest stages, enabling timely intervention and maximizing the efficacy of our therapeutic approaches.
Accelerate therapy
Our integrated platform combines novel therapies with companion diagnostics, enabling us to streamline clinical trials including patient enrolment and therapy monitoring
Fast track regulatory approval and commercialization
Having a companion diagnostic that helps to identify suitable therapy candidate and optimize effectiveness of treatment will help accelerate regulatory approval and bring effective treatments to patients faster.
Tailor therapies to
individual patients
We leverage advanced genomic and biomarker technologies to develop personalized treatment plans that maximize efficacy and minimize potential side effects.
Canary Pipeline Overview
Diagnostic Pipeline
Canary DigiGENE miRNA Diagnostic overview
Our point of care diagnostic platform uses Al to read miRNA expression patterns in complex diseases at the earliest stages.
Studies have shown a clear distinction in miRNA expression patterns between disease sample and normal healthy samples. This is a heat map of four breast cancer patients showing separation of miRNA expression profiles in tumors and normal tissues.
How it Works

“Lab-on-a-Chip” with Cloud-based Analytics

DigiGENE™ Molecular Point-of-Care Test Platform

One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification Test