Research & Development

Our Research & Development
Canary has a robust pipeline of AI assisted development of biopharmaceutical therapies with selected complimentary diagnostic development built through the in-house development of innovative product candidates and novel RNAi and antiMIR platforms, becoming the one of the first companies worldwide to focus on human clinical trial discovery in concert with clinicians to optimize miRNA targets for novel therapeutic development and novel diagnostic development. The AI enhanced biomarker discovery process is uniquely derived using human clinical trial sources from our key clinical institutional partners and are designed to efficiently assist in therapeutic and diagnostic candidate miRNA targets optimized for human use. Our highly innovative AI assisted RNAi drug discovery platforms combined with our complementary diagnostic development distinguish Canary from other drug development companies especially as it comes to conducting efficient clinical trials.
Canary's AlloMir gene-silencing platform can be leveraged to investigate a variety of diseases and conditions